A begining

Hi all!!Thanks for taking time off your busy lives and reading this..I am starting this blog to document my journey to the new-right me!!I feel fascinated about it,fantastic too!I have a medical background educationally and I want to tell my tale from all the perspectives I can have,a doctor,a student,a commentator,a mental health sciences enthusiast and simply ME,a girl in a boy’s body,finally on her way to be herself!I do think it could be a good tale to tell!!I hope so!!


I have always been a big fan of mental health sciences,I want a career in it,now some might think how can some one who has ‘issues’ be an authority on this subject??The question is valid only if you are one of those who believe that we,LGBT are abominations or something on that line!True,that many of us need mental health assistance,but its not a disease unless our being LGBT makes our daily lives dysfunctional!!Ie the problem lies in the society surrounding YOU(LGBT person) AND how that person reacts to the society!!It is certainly a two street,my point being,if you live in a society where you don’t get stoned(ME countries/African countries) or shamefully segregated(India/South Asia)..Ie ,if you are in the west,you have a good shot at your life as LGBT(the west other than some Red states)..


I do believe that this fear of LGBT,homophobia has its root in 2 factors..(1)Fear that such a couple would be unable to procreate,true to an extent,though with IVF and sciences this has changed for good,but I believe this is the cause why you see anti-Homosexuality sentiments in various religious books,as they were written in times when the world simply needed more people,and homosexuality would have derailed this motto,I am not justifying this expressed holy Homophobia,I am just trying to think logically about it!!(2)The society might have fear that such a person would be dysfunctional and wouldn’t contribute enough to it,now this is society’s own doing in most parts as they hate us,LGBT,and rejection leads to low self esteem leads to depression,add this to the misery of the feeling of being born in a wrong body and its hard to remain productive and functional..remedy for this in today’s ages-Just be hyper-functional/workaholic,undo this fear..The more successful you are in your career,the more you will be accepted!!

I am just putting my thoughts out there,I hope to write much more as the time passes and I make progress in my quest!!You’re most welcome in this journey!Thanks for your 10 minutes!!












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