Book review for Jane Vegas Pi by Jane Brooke-Move aside Batman,Here’s the girl answer to you:)

This review is from: Jane, Vegas PI (BDSM Erotica) (Kindle Edition)
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Move aside,Batman,here’s our GIRL answer to you:Jane Vegas PI!!If you ask me to describe how I felt about the book,I can say-It opened my eyes to a new world!!

This was the fastest paced book I have ever read..And I had never come across this side of the world before..I am a simple candle light dinner type of gal and could not imagine that this erotic world of BDSM(wow,the damned auto-correct tried to correct BDSM with BDRM,is this BDRM something I should know about??) existed before I came across Jane:Vegas PI..

Our world has a severe severe deficit of strong female leads..It simply does..And no other character comes to my mind other than Jane,who is a girl and you would trust her with your life!Of course there’s Xena and WWE’s Chyna,two immensely popular and powerful female characters,but their power comes at a price!Both Xena and Chyna are masculine and they lack femininity..

There comes our Jane!!She’s a genius, young MENSA hit-woman..A female James Bond if you will,yes guys!Now we have our girl-answer to your JB,take that fellas!!She is the female James Bond!!What I liked the most is,Jane belongs to my LOL texting generation!!She’s a girl who is meant for millennials and that’s why some readers who are over 40 may have wrong impression about the book,and its departure from the traditional ways of writing a book!!It’s the substance and style thats more paramount in the book then some grammatical errors!!I mean this is 2014 and people tweet in slang all the time..This is not a place to spell-check!!I mean,the way the book is written,its stunning!Its sheer erotic and is meant for THAT!!If someone wishes to foray into a literature type of book,may be you should read some academic book!!This is an erotica for millenials by millenials and ladies who are older than this,you have a chance to take a dip into our generation if you read this book!This book IS THE FUTURE!!

Now,on to the book,the book has a very unique prose.It is written by a young person and it is written in first person narrative.The book is very very fast paced as I said earlier and it may take some time before one gets used to it..I have seen earlier reviews,where they complained about not liking/understanding the book in the beginning like at first 5-20% pages,I had the same difficulties!!I would recommend to bite the bullet and read the book till 30% mark first..As I felt, I was able to get used to the flow of the book and fast pace after 30% marks as this was a whole new genre of books for me,there was obvious shock and disbelief too on my part that people can go to this extreme to find sexual pleasure and I was in awe!!But The book is very good after 30% as you get the sense of where the book is going and as you see the real Jane at that level,you want her to be your girl friend!!So my recommendation about this one of a kind book is,before you form a judgment,good or bad(very good in my eyes!),read the book till 35% or even 40%!As this is a whole new kind of book even among BDSM(Yes,this was my first book,but reading Jane got me so interested in BDSM that I have read so many BDSM books afterwards,so I know what I’m talking about,trust me!)..

Here’s why this book is very different!!This book,unlike many others,in fact most of other BDSM/Erotica books,is rich with story line too,most BDSM books are just a series of sexual encounters without any substance!Not his book though!The lead character,a MENSA genius Jane,is a benevolent hit woman who does this job to avenge the crime!!A female avenger,always my fantasy!!She is just an awkward teenager,who lives with her two pet gold fish Stella and Gumbo,I found the idea of pet Goldfish so funny and cute!!And she is rich,doesn’t need money,like Batman,her parents are dead and she has a fortune already,she is into it just for making world a better place and unlike many,she accomplishes this with guns!!Like soo many girls of my generation,she is a bisexual lady and enjoys both men and women,very open minded and yet,she is very bold,and would do anything to save the weak,the oppressed and poor!!

My highest point,the thing,the incident I liked the most was when Jane saves the cute puppy from being abused by a thug,I loved it,I cried at that moment..She takes the puppy with her and names her Beaux..I found that whole episode very cute and also when she avenges crimes,I was cheering for Jane..Her romance with a muscled AA guy was also able to melt me!!It was all very high on erotic scale..The kind of book that will blow your girl-mind away!And you might be straight as a stick,yet you will end up secretly wishing to experiment with this girl Jane!!(Its true,read the book!!)…

We all see crimes all around us,many of them so inhuman,so cruel and outrageous but we cannot do a thing about them as the law doesn’t permit that..But in our mind,many a times we feel that,if the law allowed to deal us with the crime,we would want the criminal punished like hell..And Jane fulfills this desire in us..She does this on behalf of us..And that’s the best part I loved about this book..This book,while it may belong to BDSM type,I would label it as a BDSM PLUS!!ANd while I may go on and on about how the story and characters are solid and fast paced,the book is certainly not short on its BDSM appeal!!On the contrarily BDSM label is fully suitable!!The book seems to be written by some one who has seen all of the things described first hand and by her own eyes,and that adds the element of authenticity in the book!!It will shock you,by the sheer level of eroticism,it had that effect on me!!

Coming to the erotic part(I know,you seasoned BDSM fanatics were waiting for me to come to that part for soo long!)..The book is very strong on this side since the beginning and up to 25% mark the book takes you to the underground mysterious world of BDSM in Los Angles underground scenes..You will be amazed,shocked and will be left in near disbelief as you read about the length some girls(and guys too) are willing to go to for sexual pleasure..For a simple girl like me,it was such a new world..Now that I have read so many BDSM books after reading Jane,I find this book much more authentic even then so many famous BDSM books on this side,and a super strong female superhero style character and a solid storyline only adds to the attraction of the book!!Jane is very smart,she is not afraid to go to lengths to avenge crime and has a heart of gold when it comes to save the victims!!I know I would trust my life with her!!The book takes you to dark corners of the famous LA and underground club scenes forming the BDSM life of LA..And its a wild ride!!After 30% mark,Jane the character starts developing into a female superhero and I loved that so much..

The book can be divided into like seven encounters and/or parts basically and Jane the character constantly keeps developing in the book..The closest female character that comes to my mind that is like Jane is,the character of Mary,from the Netflix move American Mary!!The way she avenges the killer of the little girl is so intense and I was cheering for Jane so much as she destroyed the villain!!Money is the last thing Jane cares about in the book..She is really a hit woman with an edge f you will!!She donates all the money she gets from her hit jobs to charities,that shows how good as a human she is,just like a female batman,she is a benevolent vigilante,and may be,just may be,the nerdy guys now can fantasize about a new girl Jane,other than that wonder woman(we all know they all have wonder woman as their only and imaginary girlfriends!!I am talking to you comic nerds!!But its kinda weird as their nerd dads also had the same gf,the same wonder woman,so you have a wonder woman suitable for your age!Cheers!!)…

How Jane is different than Xena,Chyna or Wonder woman(I am a fan of all of these 3 by the way!) can be described in many aspects..She doesn’t lose her femininity to appear strong in order to fight the bad guys(and a bad girl too in the story)..She rather uses her sheer beauty and delicate body and her MENSA super brain to surprise villain into thinking of her as just an eye candy,a bimbo and this makes them complacent and then she goes all out on them,inflicting the punishment on the thugs that would invoke the fear of god into the hearts of these evil doers!!She this way,doesn’t lose but uses her femininity,and thus a real feminist superhero in my eyes,very powerful and dependable girl,this Jane is..And She is very much into women rights too..Finally we girls have our batman and that’s the best part of the book,and unlike the JB and Batman these nerdy boys have,our version of the same is very very sexy!!Take that boys..Boohoo!!

In the end,I loved the book very much,a full five star!!And it is a book that will fulfill your thirst for BDSM as well as a desire to read a good storyline ,written in a totally new way and that’s why I would highly highly recommend that you read the book and this will open you to a whole new kind of 21st century literature A real gem,a BDSM PLUS and like me,you too can join the Team Jane!In fact,I would love to see Jane made into a TV Show as it is soo ready to go for that!!Woohoo!



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