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My review of the book:The Hell of Osirak

This book just took my breath away!!It has two themes basically,which are intertwined brilliantly!The novel has elements of truth in it..And seems very plausible,very very real..I kinda find it hard to categorize this book as a novel themed on LGBT/Lesbian genera or as a historical fictional!!I’d say,the book belongs to both of these categories EQUALLY!!Which makes this book a masterpiece..It is very rare to find a lesbian themed book which is not erotica and NOT just a graphic description(s) of a series of sexual scenes..It is very tastefully written and the other pro-Israel/spy/Mossad theme steals the show!!

The danger Iraq’s Osirak nuke plant created for Israel was very real,Saddam Hussein WAS brutal enough to use chem weapons/poisonous gases on Iraq’s own people as we saw,Israel did herself and our world a big big favor by taking out his nukes…And the whole story is written on this backdrop..Israel has saved millions of lives by taking out Osirak..And the novel based on this real incident,shows much of how various state spy agencies interact,or at least interacted during that time..And shows us the complexities of their relations..

The other interesting aspect of the book was the dilemma lesbian agents have to face while working for these agencies.My heart was broken for Nikki Sinclair,the main character of the book as she has to sleep with men to gain intelligence.She is a strong willed character and she is very REAL in a sense,she is vulnerable,not invincible,and that makes you root for her!Her ordeal is heartbreaking,but her will to prevail is very strong,as she goes through her services as an agent for the UK(Britain),she experiences everlasting love form a fellow Israeli spy Dvora only to get her heart broken again and again,just to bounce back!!She’s NOT a female Matrix!She is very real and the reader can relate to that..Identify with her..I like that part the most!!

I am pro-Israel myself,very much actually but the novel has much broader appeal than just to pro-Israel crowd!!It is action packed and intense yet at the same time very sensual,and romantic..I would recommend the book regardless of your stance on Israel..If you’re pro-Israel,I guarantee you that you’ll luv the book as much as I did!This book is very versatile in its likely appeal to various audiences,pro-Israel,LGBT,Lesbian readers,Bleeding heart feminists(that would be me!!),lesbian feminists..a straight reader who loves historical fiction,fans of Middle Eastern conflict stories,a straight person window shopping on LGBT lifestyle.A straight gal curious about Bi/LGBT,A straight man who wants to dabble in lesbian world(No,You’re not going to get’em,it doesnt work that way!!Hormones at 6-8 weeks of age,baby!This is as good as you are going to get in our subculture,deal with it!)This book is for EVERYBODY!!So I would suggest you give this book a shot!

If you are a fan of a strong female lead character,you’re in for a treat!!You get two of them!!As both Nikki and Dvora are very strong willed women,and their romance is incredible..I was soo eager to see them together thr-ought the book!!And I luved it so much when they are together!The story has a number of strong female characters!And a real treat for feminists who like this type of story!!I could not put the book down!!I read it under 2 days!!And when battery of my laptop died down,I traveled 3 hours to go back home early to continue reading!!I love both these genres,Lesbian and pro-Israel spy/Mossad type of stories and this is the best of both of these worlds!!

I’d luv to write in more detail about the plot but I won’t as I dont want to give away spoilers!!But in a nutshell,this story depicts life of Nikki Sinclair,a lesbian agent for the Brits,who falls in eternal love with Israeli Mossad agent Dvora,their time together,the ordeals Nikki had to face,her being a lesbian and having to sleep with bearded sweaty men(Ugh!)to gain intel,her stubborn chiefs,she has to endure two brutal rapes which totally broke my heart and it just made me want to go there and protect her!The rape scenes in the story are brutal and sinister but they contribute to the story a lot and make Nikki a more powerful character..Her encounters with Dvora are intense and super-sensual and I luved reading every word describing them!!The ending kinda surprised me and was kinda unexpected..

I really really enjoyed reading the book,I couldn’t think of anything else till I was done with the book for two days!!It was a surreal experience on my part,for this book captured my attention with such interest!!I really like stories with a strong female lead,and this was a gem of a story for me!!Pro-Israel storyline really did the magic!!And cpatured my heart!!This book is gold and I’d suggest you just go for it!!You’d be happy that you did!



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