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The experience of being Jen

So,what’s it like to finally being YOU??

I must’ve wondered a million times about this,I couldn’t let her out and be her(Jen) as I am from a relatively conservative family,instead i gave my all to my studies,result-I did good in study,i am a doctor at 25,at least i have hopes for a good positive future!!

Now that I have chosen to go ahead and being Jen,I feel empowered..

I dunno what lies in the future,it’s like knowing you are on a treasure hunt,arena surrounding you is absolutely foggy,you cant see at a distance more than 5 feets far,yet you see signs that you’re on the right track!!You FEEL it and keep on going!!Its awesome and fearsome at the same time!!I’m happy about me going for M2F and wouldn’t worry/obsess over the future!

In my today’s blog post I want to discuss my transition in past 20 days!!I began living as Jen on 21 November..At first,in the week 1,it was unreal,,unbelievable!I couldn’t stop looking at my mirror,and this was so not me!!I used to hate the mirror!!Thats what happens when you are born into a wrong body,a girl in a male(ugh!) body!!You don’t want to see THAT,like ever!!

That changed!I spent hours looking at the NEW yet THE ORIGINAL me!!Styling my hair(wig) applying my newly acquired lip gloss!I luved it all!!

I took hundreds of my photos!!Now this is shocking for some1 who knew the (ugh!!) old me!!As I have just 8 photos taken of me in last 7 years!!But my self-perception has drastically changed!!For much better!!

I do believe this is very important from self-esteem perspective,i mean I have read in my psych text books that some 80-90%(yes,me too,at some low points of my life,2 times)have suicidal thoughts as we are just unable to fight this disgusting feeling we get living in a wrong body!!The fault too lies like 90-10%,I blame the society 90% for this low self esteem as the society doesn’t allow us to be ourselves and mortifies us if we do!!10% I guess lies within that LGBT person,how you want a ‘way out’??You can go on being ””Normal” and unhappy or be YOU and happy yet you have to take a lot of flake!But there’s not much you can do!

My planning is a long term one,this is my phase 1-totally psychological phase,I just live as Jen,talk like her,think like her!!Be her!!

Phase 2 will be psychological therapy sessions,then hormones,followed by electrolysis(the hardest part) and FINALLY a series of surgeries!!

One other thing I observed during this time period living as Jen is disassociation from my old identity..The guy id!!Its like long gone!!I am not out in the public yet,I almost sent an E-mail ending in my signature being Jen(lol!!)..I don’t go to my old fb page that often as well!!Its so new!As I am on my fb all the time!!But now as Jen only!!As this is the Real me!!

Thank you!It was fun writing this post!!




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My review of JaneBrooke’s stunning erotica-Warehouse Wonder World


This was a hot captivating book!I enjoyed reading it soo much and hated the idea of sleeping before reading the whole book,so I did not sleep!I read the whole book in one sitting!

The story begins with stunning beautiful heroine’s arrival and abduction at the French railway station and she is taken to a warehouse.and the ride begins!Our super beautiful Mensa genius heroine,Clare,absolutely classy and unbelievably beautiful and vulnerable, is captured by this almost psychotic abductor who then proceeds to take her on a rousing journey of pain,humiliation and SHEER PLEASURE!As she goes through this unbelievably intense yet erotic series of lashings and tortures and elaborated machines,beautiful(as she is refereed to in the story which I really luved!)pleads with her abductor to stop and let her go,only to get more punishment..You have to read the book to get the idea as I am not able to describe it here(my knees and elbow-tips are ticklish now and I’m kinda trembling as I type this review!You get the picture??Right,yes this book is THAT good!)

I admire the book for its intense plot,a pure psychological genius!!Reading this book was like watching a psychological thriller/horror erotic movie,like a super-erotic version of the movie ‘Saw’ with a much better and most importantly,A FEMALE villain!!Plot is definitely a strong suit of the book and so is the character development!!It is hard to develop a story when you have just 2 characters to work around and that’s why this book is brilliant!!I luved both of the characters of the story!!I cried as the ‘Dancer’/”the beautiful'(Claire) endured sufferings,and I loved to hate our villain,the abductor,who is also a female,a super-strong and seemingly very cruel torturer who is so good at what she does and is very proud of it(rightfully so).Both characters are intense,equally captivating and I especially luved the ending of the book!!I was already sold to the book beforehand but the surprise twist at the end of the book really made me write this review right away!!I am a big fan of psychology in storyline and this book is a great psychological masterpiece apart from being an excellent read in erotica!Instead of being a gooey-Vanilla type story or a series of sexual encounters with no substantial storyline,this story ‘WWW’ as I call it takes you to a land so inhibited that it seems almost unreal,surreal!!And the ending of the book is truly a show stopper!!

This book makes a very good read when you are all alone in your room,comfy and willing to let go of your inhibitions and are ready for a wild ride in erotic dreamworld!!Any one who loves strong female character(s) led stories,lesbian theme and erotica in general is bound to love this book!Just be cozy in your bed,no worries for time,pour yourself a glass of wine and let yourself go in to this wild-ride of a book,but be warned:You are not going to be able to put the book down so you better not have job/assignment/school the next morn as you’d be too excited to sleep that night after reading the book,a fascinating story of BDSM,Bondage and dark fantasies!!











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